Proudly manufacturing Australia’s best concrete tanks since 1992

Structurally designed by engineers and manufactured to strict guidelines.
We deliver our quality tanks anywhere in Australia and can even come up with a custom solution to suit your needs.

Concrete Water Tanks

Underground or inground water storage tanks with 3 size options

Fire Fighting Water

Above ground external concrete water storage tanks

Dangerous Goods

Square, rectangular or modular storage tanks

Wine Cellars

Pre-cast wine cellars that are ideal for wine buffs

Detention Tanks

Robust detention tanks with a seamless structure

Stormwater tanks

Tanks that are ideal storage areas for water overflow

Australia has demanded our concrete tanks for 23 years

Versatile Tanks Australia offer a huge range of options for storing your water ideal for domestic, commercial or Industrial use.

Craning in tankWe’re a leading-edge manufacturer of seamless, concrete rectangular and square storage systems for both dry and liquid storage. We offer a huge range of options for storing your water; whether that’s for domestic, commercial, or industrial use.

Back in 1992, we were known as R.P. Building and Bin Services Pty Ltd. We’ve now grown to become an innovative and dynamic manufacturer with our company directors at the helm of the manufacturing stages.

The Versatile Tank Company has now grown to become an innovative and dynamic manufacturer of very versatile concrete structural rectangular and square vaults.

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How do I prevent my concrete tank from floating

What is the procedure to prevent this? Is there a rule or standard for  installation of underground tanks ? The Australian National Water Commission  has complied a Rainwater Tank design booklet to assist in answering these often raised queries. These procedures are to be followed if the rainwater tank or any vessel placed underground that […]

Are all concrete tanks waterproof?

Why does my concrete tank leak? Concrete is generally inherently very porous. It’s practically impossible to make an absolutely nonporous concrete where water won’t penetrate even a fraction of a millimeter. Concrete contains pores, which are tiny voids, reside in the cementitious paste and can be subdivided into two types: gel pores and capillary pores. […]

Are there benefits using rectangular concrete tanks over round tanks?

It must be remembered why anyone uses round tanks in the first place. A round tank is really just a cylinder holding the water. Water exerts pressure equally in all directions when placed in a cylinder, round water vessels can be constructed very cheaply using the minimum thickness of materials. The old advantage of round […]