Building Concrete Water Storage Tanks For Your Residential or Commercial Property

Water is an essential resource used in various day-to-day activities, from bathing to cooking to drinking. As such, you want to ensure a steady and adequate safe water supply on your property. Fortunately,water storage tanks are designed for this very purpose. They are huge containers used to harvest rainwater and store water until it is ready for use.

While water tanks can be made with different materials, concrete is undoubtedly the best choice. Aside from being affordable, this material also protects your water from potential contaminants like bacteria or algae to keep it safe for consumption. Given this, The Versatile Tanks Company specialises in building concrete water tanks for residential or commercial property owners.

So if you have been thinking of building a water tank for your home or office, allow us to guide you through the process. Below, you will find essential information on what you can expect for the project.

Selection: Choosing the Right Tank Design

Taking from our company’s name, you can expect versatility from our water tanks, so you should have no problem finding the perfect design for your needs. While our tanks primarily store water, you can also use them to store chemicals or dangerous goods above ground. You can even adapt your tank to be a wine cellar to display your collection.

To start, we use Australian steel and a superior mix of high-strength concrete 50mpa and full-strength concrete 72mpa to build our tanks to prevent your tanks from forming cracks for leaks to enter so that they can last longer.

We offer square and rectangular water tanks to fit a broader range of applications. These shapes also provide a modular design, allowing you to sit tank units side by side if you need more capacity. In terms of storage, we offer 6700, 11700, or 22500 litres capacity so that you can choose one based on your water consumption habits or needs.

After choosing your desired shape and storage capacity, we will draft your tank design to adjust the height to fit your site requirements. This way, you can be assured that you will receive a tank custom-built for your place.

Installation: Understanding the Building Process

Once you have decided on your tank design, we can proceed to installation. But, first, we have to get permission from the local authorities and inspect your site. For the inspection, we check if there is enough space for our machinery and whether the area is prone to flooding.

After the pre-work, we prepare by booking a crane and ordering a pump system and low slump blast mix. It will also be essential to check the weather forecast to verify that it will not be raining during installation. Rain can cause damage to your concrete and make it weaker, so this is the last thing you want before your tank is even set up.

The next step will be excavation. Mark the appropriate dimensions based on your tank’s size, and check the area for debris before excavating. Once you have the hole dug out, our crane will lift and lower the tank into the hole. Then, we backfill the unit with a concrete mix and the original soil to ensure your tank is securely tucked. Should you ever need more tank storage, you can always install more units and place them side by side. Just make sure to leave a 15cm gap in between each unit.

Maintenance: Keeping Your Water Tank in Good Condition

One common question we always get asked is how clients can maintain their water tanks. And like any other equipment, your water storage tanks need regular maintenance to stay durable and long-lasting. Fortunately, our tanks only require simple maintenance, including the following:

● Schedule a tank inspection around once every two years. The ideal frequency largely depends on your tank application, so our team can give you a more specific time frame if needed.

● Check the backflow prevention valves every 12 months.

● Seal your tank if you notice minor cracks caused by curing, shrinkage, or settling. The earlier you seal the tank, the more likely you can prevent larger cracks from arising.

● Repair cracks in your underground tank by cleaning out your tank, then applying a concrete bonding agent and mixing hydraulic cement with water. While we do not offer repair services ourselves, we make it easy for our clients to fix any cracks that may appear on their tanks.

No doubt,water storage tanks are an excellent investment for your property, allowing you to gain steady access to safe and clean water. With proper use and maintenance, you can expect our concrete water tanks to last up to 30 years, making them a valuable asset. So if you are interested in getting a custom tank for your home or office, feel free to reach out to us for a no-obligation quote.

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