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Concrete Tanks Poured on Site Vs Precast Concrete Tanks

So, you’ve weighed up the benefits and decided a concrete tank will be a worthwhile investment. But which one to go for – and what’s the difference between concrete tanks poured on site versus precast concrete tanks? Read on for more… Why are precast concrete tanks a good option for your site? The bottom line […]

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Concrete Rainwater Tanks: A Guide

**Please note Versatile Tanks DO NOT repair water tanks** Do you remember this guide we produced some time ago now? It offers practical hints and tips on how to store rainwater effectively, looking at the environmental importance of collecting water in this way and a whole host of other benefits. Well, moving slightly on from […]

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Concrete Tank Construction: Explained

**Please note Versatile Tanks DO NOT repair water tanks** They’re mammoth constructions – and they’re versatile too: concrete fire tanks really do come with a host of benefits. Whether circular or rectangular, they’ll meet the needs of engineers, architects and consultants everywhere. But how is a concrete tank constructed? And how long will it last? […]

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