Commercial / Industrial

Commercial & Industrial Tanks

Epoxy coated underground mine tanksThe commercial uses for concrete tanks vary widely. You could be simply storing water or you may need a specific tank for dangerous goods.

We manufacture the following for commercial use:

  • Fire tanks
  • Onsite detention tanks
  • 6700 litre water tanks
  • 11700 litre water tanks
  • 22500 litre water tanks
  • Magazine explosive storage units
  • Grey water tanks
  • Storm water tanks
  • Blackwater tanks
  • Bunded chemical storage units

Our tanks come in various sizes and all have the option to have a lid added. They can withstand the weight of a heavy truck, which gives you an idea of what you can place on top of them. This also means you can create underground storage.

Our concrete is high strength, which is gained very quickly due to the mix design. We pour straight into a mould so that the end result doesn’t have any joins, and therefore there won’t be any leaks. We only choose Australian structural steel that’s manufactured to Australian standards. All of this is completed in a closed factory to ensure the weather can’t affect the production.

The design of the tanks makes them adaptable for different uses – just see the list above. This flexibility also means we can reduce the height of the tanks and increase the lid thickness.

We can deliver anywhere in Australia as our tanks are very transportable. They’re also easy to install, so disruption to your business should be minimal. We would work with your engineer, crane operator, and builder to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Our solutions are quick, easy, and cost-effective. Speak to us today to see how our concrete tanks could benefit your business.