Concrete Water Tanks

Water Storage Tanks For Domestic, Commercial Or Industrial Use

Underground or inground water storage tanks comes in 3 main sizes: 6700 litres, 11700 litres, and 22500 litres.

6700 Litre Concrete Water Tank: 11700 Litre Concrete Water Tank: 22500 Litre Concrete Water Tank:
Height: 2100mm Height: 2400mm Height: 2600mm
Width: 2100mm Width: 2400mm Width: 2400mm
Length: 1800mm Length: 2400mm Length: 4400mm
Weight: 4.1 ton Weight: 7.1 ton Weight: 11.7 ton

We specialise in underground tanks that are engineered and certified to withstand loads on their lids (applied loads). This means:

  • You can place up to 300mm of earth on our standard tanks lids.
  • We can offer engineered concrete tank lids designed to withstand permanent loads of earth up to 2m over the tank lid.
  • Our lids are able to withstand transport from 5kpa up to 26kpa. Or put more simply, from a light to medium vehicle to heavy trucks.
  • Concrete underground tanks can also withstand concrete slabs from 100mm thick to 200mm thick.
  • We offer concrete tank lid designs that will withstand compaction and asphalt for driveways and public car parks.
  • Underground tanks can be placed inground side by side or end to end linked in a modular form, buried out of sight.

Concrete tanks delivered across Australia

We distribute our concrete tanks across Australia and have found domestic and commercial customers have different questions regarding our versatile tanks so we have put together a page for each of the main areas our customers live and work.


The concrete used in all our tanks is a high strength concrete. We pour at 50mpa and our HSC at 28days cures to 72mpa. Our mix design means that we gain high strength very quickly. We use only Australian structural steel and all steel is securely welded as per Australian standards. This method ensures even concrete coverage over steel as per AS3600.

All our concrete tanks are manufactured in a seamless steel pulse mould ensuring the tanks have no joins and therefore no leaks. Manufacturing is done in a closed factory away from nature’s ever changing elements to eliminate micro cracks.

The way we have designed and built the mould enables us to adapt the tanks to wine cellars and indestructible site sheds, magazines, and underground exchange. We can also reduce the height of the tanks, increase lid thicknesses, and many more options.

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