Storage Tanks For Arms, Ammunition, Explosives & Chemicals

We specialise in the design and manufacture of concrete explosive storage units, chemical storage units and dangerous goods concrete storage units.

These facilities are for the storage of fuses, detonators, small arms, ammunition, and pyrotechnics, amongst other uses. Every magazine meets the Australian Standards AS2187-1-1998 Storage and Transportation of Explosives.

Dangerous goods concrete storage tanks, explosive storage units, and magazines are square or rectangular and are available in 3 sizes:

6700 Litre Concrete Explosive Storage Unit: 11700 Litre Concrete Explosive Storage Unit: 22500 Litre Concrete Explosive Storage Unit:
Height: 2100mm Height: 2400mm Height: 2600mm
Width: 2100mm Width: 2400mm Width: 2400mm
Length: 1800mm Length: 2400mm Length: 4400mm
Weight: 4.1 ton Weight: 7.1 ton Weight: 11.7 ton

Our concrete structural dangerous goods and chemical storage units are either square, rectangular and modular.

Chemical Storage Units

The standard features of all magazines storage units are:

  • 920 wide access door (pallet wide door or double door have additional costs).
  • High security lock system.
  • Hinge side protection prevents the door from being defeated by removing the hinge.
  • Heavy duty strap door hinges.
  • 10mm thick steel door fitted with 3 bar locking device.
  • Six lever safe lock fitted.
  • White exterior protective high grade painted finish.
  • Full ventilation if storing ammunition and high level explosives. Basic air ventilation in front and rear of units for pyrotechnics industry and certain classifications of explosives (price difference).
  • Complete with full signage/markings as required.
  • Earthing terminals fitted for lightning protection.
  • All steel painted with barrier rich paint, so there‚Äôs no opportunity for rust.

All of the magazines we manufacture are cost effective and are a time saving alternative to conventional construction. Our explosive storage magazines are designed to provide security for arms, ammunition, and explosives. Therefore, you can be assured that our units are fully moisture proof. Plus due to the insulating properties of concrete, the temperatures within the units can be maintained at an even level. The option to bury the units or place mounds against the walls reduces the explosives safety quantity distance arc and provides additional safety to neighbouring storage magazines.

Our innovative, specially designed convex roof was created for the pyrotechnics industry. This roof is optional and focuses on providing a weakness at the highest arc. Should there be an explosion, the weak line in the roof will give way, crumble to small sized debris, thus reducing the possibility of injury and damage.

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