Domestic Concrete Tanks

delivery large tanks QldConcrete tanks aren’t just for commercial use; if you have an idea that requires your home to be extended in some way then a concrete tank could be the perfect solution.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted a wine cellar or you simply need to extra space. You might need to store water for the warmer months or you live in a high risk area of bush fires and would feel safer with a large volume of water on hand.

Whatever your reason, we can provide a cost-effective solution that can be installed quickly and easily.

We manufacture the following for domestic use:

  • Fire tanks
  • Onsite detention tanks
  • 6700 litre water tanks
  • 11700 litre water tanks
  • 22500 litre water tanks
  • Retaining wall tanks
  • Wine Cellars
  • Grey water tanks

As our tanks are so versatile, you can even have them installed underground. They come with lids that can withstand the weight of a heavy truck, so you can add earth on top of it. Consider paving this over and your concrete tank will be out of site, underneath your driveway.

The tanks are various sizes but they’re all of excellent quality. We use Australian structural steel and adhere to all Australian standards. Our mix design means that the concrete quickly becomes high strength, plus it’s manufactured without the weather being able to get in and cause cracks. The concrete is poured into a mould that doesn’t require any pieces of the tank to be joined together. This means there is no chance of any leaks occurring.

As the tanks come as one unit, they can be transported to anywhere in Australia. They’re also very easy to install because of this.

Since we’re able to adapt our tanks for various uses, we can also tailor each tank to your requirements. This could be a thicker lid or reduction in the height of the tank.

Let us take control of the installation in collaboration with your engineer and builder and you’ll have a concrete tank set up for your needs in no time. And then you can start your wine collection!