Frequently Asked Questions

Some Common Questions We Often Get Asked:

What is the storage tank made from?

50mpa high frequency vibrated concrete accessing AS3600 concrete structures standard, 500mpa steel reo as per AS4100, deformed bars and reinforcing.

How much does the concrete storage tank weigh?

22500 Litre 12 ton 11700 Litre 7 ton and – 6700 Litre 4 ton (These are not exact weights as all scales are different however weight advised is over not under).

How big is the concrete tank?

6700 Litre – 1.8m wide x 2.0m wide x 2.1m high.

11700 Litre 1800mm wide x 2140mm high x 2100mm wide.

22500 Litre – 2.4m wide x 2.6m high x 4.4m long.

How deep does the excavation need to be if my scenario is different to the guidelines?

This will depend on whether you are using the lid as a slab or how deep tank is being buried – give us a call and we can assist with your requirements.

Where can the concrete tank be installed?

Beneath lawns, gardens, driveways, under garages, sheds, use as retaining walls, use lid as a patio Tanks can be partially buried or fully buried.

Where can I use the water from the Versatile Tank?

Flushing toilets, clothes washing, car washing and garden irrigation, fill up pools.

Do I need water filters?

Water filters are useful for removing fine particles and any discolouration from the rainwater in your tank.

Does the concrete storage tank need to be regularly cleaned?

The Versatile Tank may need to be periodically cleaned and this will depend on many local factors. Please consult a professional tank cleaner if your tank requires cleaning.

What we do know is water tastes far better stored underground out of the heat and light in a concrete enclosure.

For any questions not listed here call Versatile Tanks on 1300 783 344.