Wine Cellars

Precast Concrete Wine Cellars


Engineered and certified to the Australian Building Code requirements, our concrete wine cellars are modular in shape with the option of having a square or rectangular concrete unit readymade. They can be used for above-ground cellars, underground cellars, personal cellars beneath domestic foundations, or cellars embedded into hillsides.

They are manufactured as one complete sealed unit, designed for underground use and are easily transportable by truck to anywhere in Australia.

The walls and base are poured as one. This eliminates unnecessary joins, which can lead to leakage, rising damp, and mould. The internal and external units are coated prior to delivery for an added moisture barrier.

The concrete wine cellars are perfect for anything that requires a clean, sterile environment at a constant temperature. Therefore, there are many possible applications for the wine cellars other than storing wine, such as pump/equipment houses, personal paperwork, or extra storage.

There are 2 Concrete Tank Wine Cellars sizes:

Medium Wine Cellar: Large Wine Cellar:
Height: 2400mm Height: 2600mm
Width: 2400mm Width: 2400mm
Length: 2400mm Length: 4400mm
Weight: 7.1 ton Weight: 11.5 ton

An engineer’s certificates are essential and convenient when architects, engineers, builders or home owners require approval from local councils.

We will work with your nominated crane company and builder to ensure a smooth transition from delivery truck to site.

Additional Wine Cellar Information

Load Bearing Wine Cellar

Versatile tanks has made available a unique classy underground personal wine cellar.

Imagine the admiration pleasure and envy you would have from having your own personalised wine cellar. Managing your own personal wine selection. The pleasure of old friends visiting your personal wine cellar to show them your new addition to the collection, or meeting new friends over opening a stored bottle of wine from your personal cellar.

9The fact that you have a well-designed wine cellar at home offers such a boost in your pride, it adds value to your home. Offers ideal environment for enjoyment of your well selected wines some time in the future.

The convenience of selecting a suitable wine for any occasion and producing it with ease and aplomb is only available to those who have a well stocked wine cellar. Very few wine cellars can provide this level of performance for every occasion. The objective is well worth aiming for and when achieved is very satisfying. Of course all of these satisfactions is the heightened anticipation of enjoying the wine which you have selected for purchase, stored, chosen and finally shared at the peak of its potential.

Wine collecting is a great social activity, a wonderful hobby as well as investment overtime
The ownership of a wine cellar widens one’s knowledge on wines as a whole. It is indeed an  interesting form of knowledge to acquire.

There is no doubt that money can be saved with the use of a wine cellar.

You save money when you buy by the case especially when good wine is being offered at discounted prices. You save petrol and time when you avoid driving to the wine store to satisfy the immediate need for a bottle. You save money by turning a good wine into an excellent one as it ages to advantage before you enjoy it. You save by selecting the right wine for the occasion and so avoid serving an expensive wine for quaffing because there is nothing else available.

The Versatile Wine cellar comes in 2 sizes 2400x2400x2400. Weight of the unit is 7.1 ton or 2400mm wide x 2640mm high x 4400mm long and weight of the unit is 11.7 ton. Entrance can be from a vertical door installation or access down from the lid. We can supply a very basic shell template with door cavity ready for your taste and creativity and have your carpenter fit out the unit once installed into place.

Or we can place stairs, ladders, spiral staircases into the wine cellars and paint them as a completed unit. We can assist you from the idea, design to the creation to the delivery and excavation.
Engineered, sealed, structural,  made to be easily installed.

Some example pictures showing our range of wine cellars:

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