The World’s Best Wine Cellars: The Weird, the Wonderful and the Wacky!

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Sometimes, there’s nothing better than coming home from a stressful day at work and kicking back on the sofa, a glass of your favourite wine in hand.

While some of us have the odd bottle in our fridge or cupboard, others really stretch the boat out. So, what if you consider yourself more of a connoisseur? Maybe you like to have a variety of wines in the house to open on special occasions? That’s exactly where wine cellars come in – and with a wide range out there online, you’ll have all the inspiration you need. Plus, they’re often cheaper to install than you think.

Need some more inspiration? Here’s a look at some of the world’s more unique wine cellars, including – you guessed it – ours!

Everybody loves a good glass of wine. Whatever gets you through the week, we say. But these days, it isn’t just about your collection but where you store it.

For many, a standard fridge or modest-sized wine rack will no longer cut it when it comes to impressing your dinner guests.

Instead, wine cellars are proving a popular choice. But never fear as wine cellars don’t need to be dark and dull. To help you get inspired, we’ve found some of the best examples of wine cellars around the world. This’ll get the cogs whirring and see you get thinking about creating the best possible wine cellar money can buy. Impress your guests, whether they are potential clients, or close family and friends with the best wine cellar possible, no matter your size, space or budget.

Here is a definitive guide to the best wine cellars around including installation tips. We’re taking a look at some of the world’s weirdest, wackiest and most wonderful.

Read on for more inspiration to get you started. We’ll then take you through Versatile Tanks’ process from start to finish, so you can work out the best option for you.

The Seriously Swoon-worthy

Depending on the space you have to work with, you may want to go all out. Just check out Business Insider’s article that features this impressive looking wine cellar below. It has a build in bar, and features over 1200 bottles.

Similarly, you may want to take some inspiration from this wine cellar in a Georgian Mansion in Australia.

The Small but Still Functional

You don’t have to go all out with your wine cellar. You may not have all the space in the world! Never fear as, if space is in short supply, you can go small but keep things functional. Small doesn’t have to lack character.

Some options may include our precast wine cellars. These are designed with the user in mind, and are easily transportable, designed for overground, underground or personal cellar use.  Some of the most common tank designs are rectangular or square due to space restrictions, that we supply ready-made.

Using space cleverly

By adapting a space to suit your needs you can transform the usability of your wine cellar.

Now here’s an option for those who are short of space yet don’t want to scrimp on style. This genius storage option for wine looks the part and does what it says on the tin, too: stores wine with ease.

Top London chef Mark Hix is a fan – and this wine cellar, while it may look small, can hold over 1,500 bottles at any one time, too.

We’re heading to California now and taking a look at this small but perfectly formed wine cellar, which ticks all the right boxes when it comes to style and practicality.

If your home or apartment is modest in size, you could always make use of the height of your rooms. In doing so, it ensures storing anything from wine to trinkets, ornaments, and everyday items are so much easier.

This Californian homeowner has made use of rustic-looking wine boxes on the bottom shelf of this tall wine cellar – a great idea if you’re looking for a quirky yet great-value way to store your collection.

Drawers are a great option to help with space. They free up room in a fuss free way and also ensures that your wine is out of reach of small children.

Use the height of a room to great effect, this wine ‘cellar’ is less a cellar and more a utility cupboard or spare room.

This beautifully backlit wine cellar – seen via the Pegasus Lighting site – shows just what you can do with an otherwise-small house or apartment.

Make the most of the height of a room and you really will be able to squeeze a lot of wine into your home – perfect!

The ‘James Bond’ Wine Cellar

Now we’re talking! Isn’t this section the one you’ve all been waiting for…

Here’s the ‘James Bond’ choice of wine cellar; the space that puts gadgetry at its very heart. With a home fit for Mr Bond, you’ll always be ready to welcome guests around to sample your finest Beaujolais.

Take a look at some of these gorgeous rooms – and their equally gorgeous wine cellars…

The James Bond-esque cellar is all about the ‘trap door’. Gadgetry at its absolute finest, this wine cellar – found via Pinterest – is hidden down a flight of stairs via this pair of doors in the middle of the living room. Mind you, you’d have to be careful negotiating those stairs after a glass or two.

Sticking with the trap door theme, this homeowner has made a feature of their wines by having a transparent circular entryway installed in their kitchen. This is the stuff your wine-based dreams are made up of.

And last but not least on the trap door/secret lair front is this James Bond-inspired wine cellar via Again, available to enter via a ‘secret door’ from the kitchen, this cellar makes use of the underground space of a smaller home, so as not to take up any of the ‘living’ areas.

The Biggest and (Quite Possibly) the Best

The child within you is probably itching to see some of the wine cellars in our next section, which features some of the biggest and even – quite possibly – the best spaces out there. Get ready to drool…

A bespoke project via Focus Wine Cellars, Neon Nights near Istanbul is a rather modern-looking cellar that features wine bottles on a set of curved cut glass shelves. Add to that hidden LED lighting and you have yourself a fairly futuristic wine cellar.

This one has been built for one of Turkey’s most prominent businessmen. It can be found in his ‘entertainment room’, which also features colour changing lights to perfectly complement the mood he’s in. There’s also a ‘vapour barrier’ and ‘thermal insulation blend’ with custom-built air conditioning in this cellar too. This ensures the comfiest conditions for living and, of course, for storing those wines.

As seen on the World of Wine site, this impressive wine cellar can be found in the private Indian ocean island resort of Huvafen Fushi. Located in the Maldives, this is certainly some wine cellar.

It’s eight feet underground and features 6,000 bottles of wines from across the world. If you have a spare $2,000, you can enjoy one of the cellar’s best wines, which are displayed in golden coloured floor to ceiling storage racks.

The OTT – but We Love Them Anyway!

We couldn’t write this article without mentioning some of the most OTT wine cellars out there. Let’s just say this: there are LOTS – and here are just a few of our favourites from around the Internet.

Now here’s a creative way to use wooden crates! We love this wine cellar, which we spotted on a Pinterest board, via Houzz, which doesn’t look too costly in terms of materials used and is certainly an OTT way of using old wood.

If modern living’s your thing, you’ll love this contemporary wine storage solution via BuzzFeed. It makes use of perfectly circular holes in the wall and adds a real touch of sophistication to the room.

Practical yet really pleasing on the eye, this cellar has a modern wine lover’s name stamped all over it.

Ouch! This one’s kind of making our eyes hurt, but just look at it! This ‘cellar’ can be found in Le Cirque restaurant in New York City and it’s jam-packed with bottles of wine from around the world. We could just move right in.

Houzz always comes up trumps on the style front, with a host of fun and useful tips for your home or garden. We love this cool and quirky wine cellar, seen below, which you enter via a trap door (again, very James Bond-esque) via the living room of this modern apartment. While some may love this contemporary take on the traditional wine cellar, others might hate it.

The fact is, if you’re looking to overhaul your home with a brand new wine cellar, you can do a lot worse than check out some of the links above. Whether your available space is modest in size or fairly generous, you’ll have a lot of fun organising your favourite bottles of fizz in your very own wine cellar.

And if you’re after some more inspiration, make sure you take a look at Houzz and Pinterest for some handy ideas.

Now I think we’re just about ready for a well-earned tipple. Ours is a dry white wine…

Disclaimer: Versatile Tanks does not own the rights to the images included within this blog. For source information please click images.

How We Can Help You

  • Our wine cellars are engineered and certified to meet the country’s Building Code requirements. If you’d like one, you can choose between a square or rectangular unit, which comes ready-made and is ideal for use with above and underground cellars, or even those embedded into hillsides and sloped buildings.
  • Installation is Simple and Stress-Free.
  • Wine cellars like ours come as one complete unit, meaning there is little to no fuss when it comes to installation, and transportation is quick and simple, regardless of where you’re based.
  • Precast wine cellars also eliminate the need for extra or unnecessary joins, which have been known to cause problems like damp, mould and leakage. The internal and external units are coated to give an extra barrier against moisture, too.
  • These cellars are also ideal storage solutions for any home or business that needs a little extra space to hold equipment or even important, personal paperwork.

Load Bearing Cellar

We offer a load-bearing cellar which, with a weight of 11.7 tonnes, can be designed to meet your specific requirements.

Customised Wine Cellar

Revel Cellars craft traditional and contemporary wine cellars and have fans worldwide. With a wide range of innovative wine cellar racking systems, alongside an array of components ideal for both commercial and residential buildings, Revel wine cellars are functional and look the part, too.

Storage space

If storage space is what you’re after, they come with sliding drawers with open-bottom dowelled construction, which allows them to hold bottles side by side, horizontally or vertically depending on your requirements. As a bonus feature, they come with a patented Wine Wheel – a rotating wine rack. perfect for showing off your most-prized bottles!

If you’re looking for more choice in terms of style and layout, check out custom wine cellars as an option to consider. No matter how big or small your budget is, you’ll find something which works for you.

Some companies also have their own custom wine rack series, which offers you choice when it comes to displaying your wine collection. Why not chat to the Versatile Tanks team about how we can make your wine cellar-related dreams a reality.

Wine Cellar Inspiration from Around the World

Perhaps you’d like an ultra-modern and sleek wine cellar? If you have plenty of spare cash to flash, Spiral Cellars’ ingenious storage creations are the cellars of choice for many a celebrity.

Designed in a spiral shape, the cellars can be made visible through the floor of your room, and can hold up to 1870 bottles. Meanwhile, the space can also double up as storage for kitchen equipment and whatnot.

While most wine cellars are only visible from inside a property, one of the most breath- taking can be found, and viewed, at Château Cheval Blanc in Bordeaux, France. Check out this avant-garde cellar, which stretches more than 19,000 square feet, and harnesses the power and beauty of natural light which reaches across specifically and artistically placed white concrete vats.

With the vats made of cement and pear-shaped and designed in several sizes, Cheval Blanc label each plot with a capacity, grape variety and plantation date. Why? It’s about expertly managing their huge vineyard with immense precision. What this does is allow them to test each variety against another, until they have the perfect blends for their products.

While many manufacturers and producers of wine cellars tend to draw on current ideas and styles, one company has injected a little nostalgia into its wine cellar storage options. Crown Wine Cellars in Hong-Kong have, using state-of-the-art climate-control technology, transformed a former war bunker into a secure home for a host of precious vintage bottles owned by their clients. Now that’s some wine cellar!

By being able to control the temperature and humidity within a quiet and stable environment, where there are no vibrations, CWC has used one part of their history to preserve another – and potentially for generations to come, too!

Owned by billionaire William Koch, who also has cellars in Aspen, Colorado and Cape Cod, Massachusetts, his now-famous – well, some might say infamous – Palm Beach wine cellar pays homage to the European classics of the past.

The stunning cellar – just look at it! – is an underground labyrinth of custom-built arched doors and red brick. Housing one of the largest collections in the United States – 20,000 bottles of some of the finest wines ever made – this is a wine cellar not to be scoffed at! If you’ve got the money, why wouldn’t you go for one of these?!

 With its unique U shape, Focus Wine Cellars spent seven months designing the stunning cellar, below, which is built into a property that overlooks the Istanbul Strait. It’s only accessible, though, via the mansion’s living room, and holds a collection of 2000 rare and fine wines. Not your average Friday-night bottles of wine, then.

Like the cellar in Hong Kong, temperature and lighting conditions are closely monitored to make sure the bottles kept within it are well looked after. One of the most eye-catching features of the cellar, aside from the wines, of course, is a quote on the marble floor at its entrance. It’s by Ernest Hemingway and it goes something like this: “Wine offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other sensory thing.”- we’ll second that! But then we would say that, working at Versatile Tanks, wouldn’t we?!

Preferring to keep their collection above ground to be admired by anyone who stops by the prestigious Radisson Blu Stanstead, the ‘wine-scraper’-style wine-cellar at one of the UK’s busiest airport hotels has been its focal point for quite a few years. It’s not hard to see why.

Holding thousands of bottles, the dramatic sea-blue tower, which seems to soar almost as high as a person can crane their neck, is only accessible by the hotel’s restaurant and offers those staying at the hotel a visual not to be forgotten in a hurry.

What do you make of the world’s most impressive wine cellars? And if you’d like your own, get in touch with our professional and friendly team.

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  1. Great stuff and great ideas.
    OTOH most of the ideas are done on a big budget, very often at a cost not an issue base.
    The main purpose of a cellar is to store the wine in near perfect condition for longer at a reasonable cost.
    It’s no wonder why the great cellars of old (Burgundy, Champagne, etc) are underground, dark, cold and so on.
    But they achieve the main objectives easily – the wine is kept at constant temperature and humidity without any energy input.
    What else these cellars also have is low light and low vibrations, almost equally important factors in wine storage.

    The designs presented above are very interesting, some very attractive, some wonderful and practical at the same time and no doubt will appeal to many wine collectors.

    The best part is that article like this will help more people to appreciate their wine more.

    Well done!

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